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New game over on Niteflirt

Hey all you tiny dicked losers, I’ve put out a game over on Niteflirt just for you. The pictures are all captioned and sure to make you feel like shit about your itty bitty cock.  The button is over on the side if you can’t contain your excitement long enough to go over to My listing.


After several weeks of domination and wallet rape of My footstool, I have formulated a plan. Since the financial fuckery, I had to take what I call “the eee-vil day job”. It’s a roaring pain in My beautiful ass and it makes My availability online very sporadic.

So… I have set My Footstool to the task of building My savings account to five thousand dollars. With that money, I can tell the eee-vil day job to fuck off and go back to My rightful place as a full-time Domme. his deadline for this task is July 4th. How ironic – Independence Day. Oh, and as soon as the money is raised, I shall finish My story of financial fuckery.

You all can follow his progress here.

My footstool has paid $140.00 so far to the GTFO fund.

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First, a little news about a couple of slaves that have fallen into My beautiful trap.

MyFootstool is back and serving Me well. After My being gone so long, MyFootstool couldn’t wait to find himself deep in the Jane Zone again. And he remembered all his training – he remembered how much I enjoy those Amazon gift cards and he brought plenty to our little session. Between pay-per-views and Amazon cards I made his wallet scream to the tune of about $380.00.

Good boy, MyFootstool! He surrendered several juicy secrets to Goddess Jane, including accidentally sending one of the Amazon cards via his work email! Can you just imagine what I can do with that?!

ChiChi is another who’s been surrendering to My tortures. she’s an adorable little sissy faggot who just loves to suck cock for her Mistress! Between GiftRockets and pay-per-views, her purse is just about empty to the sum of $655.00 in just one night. Such a good girl!

Lastly, I haven’t forgotten about My financial fuckery story. More about that next time pets!

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More goody bags on Niteflirt

Goody bags are now available from Goddess Jane.


Under My Heel - red stilettos and stockings


Jane Says Fuck you! - Rude gestures for Losers 


Smoking (cigarette)


Smoking 2 (cigarette)


Smoking 3 (cigar)


 Smoking 4 (cigar)


Cocksuckers For Goddess Jane rejoice!

The Cocksucker Confessional has been resurrected from My old account and now appears on the new one. This is one of My favorites, the pictures are captioned and I’ve changed some prices on the higher level mails. So, if you were too fucking chicken shit to go all the way on this one, let Me know with a mail on Niteflirt where you wimped out and I’ll send you the link to the next part of the game.


Goodie bags added

Goddess Jane has added some Goody bags to Her Niteflirt account. I’ve also been busting my gorgeous ass importing some of the games from My old account. My very popular “Test Subject for Janefuck Enterprises” ppv game was added to the new listing this afternoon.

Goddess Jane has also been spotted on Niteflirt, so keep your eyes open and you just might get a chance for some live email sessions with Me.

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New pet treats on Niteflirt

Goddess Jane has put together three small pay-to-views on Niteflirt.

And of course, my favorite past time:

Paul has been a very good boy this week! he has gone all the way up to level 14 on the Minion 2 game.

My sissy faggot, Sammi had the top honors for last week. she’s been worshipping Me with giftrockets, Amazon gift cards, and bought several of the pay-to-views. Well done sissygirl!


Goddess Jane’s been a fucking busy bee!

Oh look, My pets! Goddess Jane has a new pay-to-view game!

Be My Minion 2 is a hot little game of domination and humiliation. Like any good session, it starts slowly and builds to an explosive climax.

Expect the teaser in your Niteflirt account mail or you can click that button right up there to get started.

You *may* get two of them as people move over from My old account to My new account.


The tale continues

At first, My new little paypiggy, tiny dicked loser that he was, tried so hard to resist falling into the JaneZone. he started out with the smaller game ppvs, never going over $30.00. he occasionally sent brief emails, trying so hard to only have just a little taste, instead of the full-on Goddess Jane addiction.

Stupid fucktard. It doesn’t work that way. I bet a few of you Janefuck Enterprises Test Subjects could have told him that it wouldn’t work, couldn’t you?

One afternoon, probably about 4 months into his weak-ass attempt to resist Me, he emailed Me in a panic. he was having trouble getting his pathetic little cock to perform. Seems he just couldn’t get it up any more. That’s right My pets, we know what he needed – he needed Goddess Jane to get his teeny little weenie hard. I sent him a big fat money pay-to-view with some lovely pictures of My beautiful ass and legs and told him to click the pay button.

Of course, it worked like a charm! he admitted his need, let his eyes roam over the pictures of My perfect body. I sent another, this time with My gorgeous legs encased in hosiery, My feet in towering stiletto sandals. he clicked the pay button almost as soon as the email hit his mailbox. I sent bigger and bigger paid emails. he made it all the way to $200 before begging Me to let him cum.

I get so fucking horny just remembering that day!

— more to cum

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Jane has returned

That’s right My pets, Goddess Jane has returned to Niteflirt.

I sent out a mass mailing to my money piggies, sissies, ashtrays, cocksuckers, and others late last week. Some remembered their training instantly and answered the call with gifts and tributes to their Goddess.

sammi sent a gift card for $100 and another $125 on My Niteflirt page. Good Girl!
paul spent $151 and janesfootstool spent $145 on Goddess Jane’s pleasure.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see some more PPV games on my Niteflirt page. There will be some old favorites and some brand new ones available. I’ve also mentioned a tale of financial fuckery in my last blog post and teased a couple of my wallet rape victims with the story.

So, where has Goddess Jane been for two years?

A little over two years ago, a new little paypig entered My service. Things started slowly at first, as these things often do. He played some of the email games and took his first few steps into the JaneZone. He was so weak – he gave up his secrets so easily to Me.

*more to come*