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A goal is set and My footstool rises to the occasion

After several weeks of domination and wallet rape of My footstool, I have formulated a plan. Since the financial fuckery, I had to take what I call “the eee-vil day job”. It’s a roaring pain in My beautiful ass and it makes My availability online very sporadic.

So… I have set My Footstool to the task of building My savings account to five thousand dollars. With that money, I can tell the eee-vil day job to fuck off and go back to My rightful place as a full-time Domme. his deadline for this task is July 4th. How ironic – Independence Day. Oh, and as soon as the money is raised, I shall finish My story of financial fuckery.

You all can follow his progress here.

My footstool has paid $140.00 so far to the GTFO fund.

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  • Jane's footstool May 12, 2016, 10:36 am

    Yes Goddess how ironic 7/4 is indeed, for i am not a free man!

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