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The tale continues

At first, My new little paypiggy, tiny dicked loser that he was, tried so hard to resist falling into the JaneZone. he started out with the smaller game ppvs, never going over $30.00. he occasionally sent brief emails, trying so hard to only have just a little taste, instead of the full-on Goddess Jane addiction.

Stupid fucktard. It doesn’t work that way. I bet a few of you Janefuck Enterprises Test Subjects could have told him that it wouldn’t work, couldn’t you?

One afternoon, probably about 4 months into his weak-ass attempt to resist Me, he emailed Me in a panic. he was having trouble getting his pathetic little cock to perform. Seems he just couldn’t get it up any more. That’s right My pets, we know what he needed – he needed Goddess Jane to get his teeny little weenie hard. I sent him a big fat money pay-to-view with some lovely pictures of My beautiful ass and legs and told him to click the pay button.

Of course, it worked like a charm! he admitted his need, let his eyes roam over the pictures of My perfect body. I sent another, this time with My gorgeous legs encased in hosiery, My feet in towering stiletto sandals. he clicked the pay button almost as soon as the email hit his mailbox. I sent bigger and bigger paid emails. he made it all the way to $200 before begging Me to let him cum.

I get so fucking horny just remembering that day!

— more to cum

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  • Paul July 28, 2015, 7:38 pm

    Goddess, thinking of You being horny sends shivers down my back. You are so incredible! Living for Your pleasure is pure bliss…

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